IR Discovery: Energy waste / missing insulation, moisture intrusion behind walls, nesting pests

Impact:   Higher energy costs to heat or cool your home, mold growth, insect and bug infestations and significant property damage



IR Discovery: Duct disconnects, duct insulation missing, bearing, gears, pulleys, coupling problems in mechanical equipment, refrigerant issues, condensate backup

Impact:  Inefficient operation and wasted energy, damage to expensive motors and internal parts, condensate leaks



IR Discovery:  Overheating on electrical fuses, breakers, transformers and controls

Impact: Electrical fire or malfunction to electrical controls, loads or equipment


IR Discovery:  Leaking pipes at hard to reach areas such as behind walls

Impact: Mold growth, insect infestations and significant property damage

 Boilers & Pressure Vessels

IR Discovery: Underground return line leaks, restricted or blocked condensate return lines, water leaks throughout the heating system, air bound radiators, refractory degradation, steam trap malfunction

Impact: Wasted boiler feed water to compensate for return line leaks, uneven heat, water hammer, improper burner combustion, wasted steam through bad traps