Energy Benchmarking

In 2009, New York City passed Local Law 84, which requires properties with the following specifications to complete an energy benchmarking audit before May 1st of each calendar year:

City-owned buildings with at least 10,000 ft2 of floor space.

Private buildings with at least 50,000 ft2 of floor space.

Groups of buildings under the same tax account or condominium ownership, with a total area of at least 100,000 ft2.

Since the passage of this law, Insparisk has been on the forefront of energy benchmarking, providing auditing services to some of the largest buildings in NYC.

For further information on NYC’s energy benchmarking requirements, click here.

– Insparisk Energy Bundle –

Insparisk offers a bundle of legally required energy services at one affordable price, to fully cover our clients’ compliance needs.

LL84/133 Annual Benchmarking report

Our Certified Energy Managers guarantee full compliance according to all DOB guidelines to avoid violations ($2,000 potential violations per year)

LL33/95 Compliance

We download, print, laminate, and post your official Energy Efficiency Labels (EERL) at each public entrance to the property, take a picture and time stamp in our cloud for your records as proof you have complied prior to the deadline in case your EERL falls off due to wear and tear. ($1,250 potential violation per year)

LL97 Carbon Emissions Analysis

This law, which is coming into effect in 2024, will begin to fine buildings based on their GreenHouse Gas levels (GHG). Our analysis will show where your property stands in regard to this law and the Carbon Emissions penalties you are at risk of receiving if the law was enacted today, giving you ample time to prepare and improve the building. (Many buildings around the city are currently on pace to receive 5 figure and even 6 figure fines in some instances based on their current GHG levels)