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Welcome to Insparisk, where excellence meets compliance. Our 3rd party witnessing services set the standard for precision and reliability. With certified elevator inspectors on staff and a commitment to regulatory compliance, Insparisk is your go-to partner for ensuring the highest standards in building safety. Our professionals bring years of experience, ensuring that your 3rd Party Witnessing needs are met with the highest level of precision and competence.

Understanding and navigating the complex regulatory landscape is crucial. State and local governments mandate 3rd party witnessing to guarantee impartial oversight in compliance processes. Insparisk aligns seamlessly with these requirements, offering a reliable solution that ensures your structures meet or exceed the necessary standards.

Ready to elevate your compliance standards? Contact Insparisk today for a consultation. Let us guide you through the process and provide tailored solutions for your 3rd Party Witnessing needs.

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Why Choose Insparisk?

Choose Insparisk for our proven track record and extensive experience. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets us apart. Building owners benefit from our expertise, ensuring that their third-party witness needs are not only met but exceeded. Our technology and methodology are cutting-edge, ensuring that your third-party witnessing experience is seamless and effective. Don’t compromise on safety—choose Insparisk.

  1. Expertise and Support Staff: With a team of certified elevator inspectors and extensive support staff, Insparisk guarantees thorough third-party code inspections.
  2. Streamlined Process: We handle the entire process, from inspections to processing and filing fees. Our goal is to make compliance seamless for you.
  3. Safety Assurance: Elevators and escalators undergo annual testing to ensure they operate safely under various conditions. Our witnessing services contribute to the proper functioning of these devices, identifying potential issues before they escalate.
  4. Impartial Third-Party Inspections: By choosing Insparisk, you benefit from impartial inspections. Our dual-check system ensures that the results are verified independently, minimizing the risk of oversight.
  5. Insurance Compliance: Satisfy the requirements of insurance carriers by engaging an approved elevator inspection agency with third-party witnessing. This ensures your insurance coverage remains valid and unaffected by negligence.
  6. Liability Reduction: Insparisk aims to minimize client liability by diligently ensuring that elevators and escalators meet code requirements. We are committed to delivering reliable and responsible witnessing services.
  7. Legal Compliance: Witness testing is not just a service; it’s the law. Insparisk ensures that your elevators comply with federal, state, and local regulations, providing peace of mind in a city where compliance is paramount.

Insparisk Guarantees

Insparisk offers a Best Price Guarantee and a violation fee reimbursement guarantee for their services. Check out the details below.

We’ll match any competitor’s price and provide an additional 10% off! 

Terms and conditions: Our Price Beat Guarantee is subject to Insparisk approval. To be eligible, the customer must provide a valid quote from a competing inspection company. Not applicable to package inspection deals (i.e., installation and inspection package deals). The minimum inspection price must be above $0.

If you are issued a Violation, we’ll pay the fee!
Terms and conditions: Reimbursement payout is limited to the issued Violation fee. The policy is contingent upon timely payment in full, at least 7 days before the inspection filing due date. Insparisk shall not be responsible to provide reimbursement for violations occurring due to the fault of the customer (i.e., non-payment/incomplete payment, failing to provide a proper e-filing email, failure to obtain a proper signature from testing company representative/owner, and/or any other third-party factor out of Insparisk’s control).

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Insparisk’s 3rd-Party Witness Services

Insparisk takes pride in offering Category 1 and Category 5 Witness Inspection services, commonly known as CAT 1 and CAT 5 Inspections, in strict adherence to the safety protocols mandated by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). These essential inspections ensure the reliable operation and safety of elevators in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings across the city.

Independent Witness Requirement
A distinctive feature of the CAT 1 & 5 Inspections is the mandatory presence of an independent witness. This third-party expert, well-versed in elevator technology and safety regulations, plays a crucial role in maintaining objectivity and thoroughness. Their observation ensures that the inspection is comprehensive and adheres to all relevant codes and standards, adding an extra layer of accountability to the process.

The CAT 1 Inspection Process
CAT1 witness testing is a vital annual requirement. Our licensed third-party inspectors, often accompanied by representatives from elevator maintenance companies, conduct meticulous examinations during the CAT 1 Inspection. Key components undergo thorough scrutiny, encompassing the verification of safety mechanisms, emergency operations, and the integrity of doors and signaling devices. Each element is scrutinized to ensure it operates within the manufacturer’s specifications and complies with the stringent safety standards set by the DOB.

The CAT 5 Inspection Process
This inspection is mandated to occur every five years and is more comprehensive than its annual counterpart, the CAT 1 Inspection. They are required either on or before the month of the final acceptance test for new elevators or the anniversary month of the last CAT 5 witnessing.

A CAT 5 Inspection is a rigorous and detailed examination required by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) to ensure elevator systems’ long-term safety and operational integrity.

A CAT 5 Inspection delves deep into the structural and mechanical aspects of an elevator system. It focuses on assessing the condition and performance of critical load-bearing components crucial for the safe operation of the elevator. This includes a thorough examination of hoist ropes, counterweights, guide rails, machine brakes, and other major mechanisms that bear the full load of the elevator during its operation.

Inspection Report and Compliance Documentation
Following the CAT 1 or Cat 5 third-party witness service, our inspectors prepare a detailed report documenting the elevator’s condition and identifying any discrepancies or deficiencies uncovered during the process. This comprehensive report is an official record submitted to the building owner and the DOB. In instances where issues are identified, the report provides a basis for necessary repairs or adjustments, facilitating a prompt resolution to maintain the elevator’s safety and reliability.

3rd Party witness - elevator inspections

An owner who fails to test report for each elevator on or by twenty-one (21) days after the end of the inspection and test cycle. pursuant to Article 304 of Title 28 of the Administrative Code and this section,shall be liable for a civil penalty as follows:


  • Three Thousand Dollars ($3000.00) per elevator
  • Additional fines, compounding daily until the issues are resolved


  •  Five Thousand Dollars ($5000.00) per elevator
  • Additional fines, compounding daily until the issues are resolved

For more information on NYC Codes and elevator safety, download 1 RCNY§103-02 PDF.

Fines & Penalties for 3rd Party Witnessing Violations

In New York City, adhering to the Department of Buildings (DOB) regulations for elevator inspections is not just a matter of maintaining operational safety but also a legal requirement. Failing to file your Category 1 (CAT 1) or Category 5 (CAT 5) elevator inspections can lead to significant fines and penalties ranging from $3000 – $5,000.

Fines for CAT 1 Inspection Non-Compliance:

  1. Late Filing: If a CAT 1 inspection report is not filed on time, building owners face a fine. The penalty for late filing escalates the longer the report remains unfiled, emphasizing the importance of punctuality in compliance matters.
  2. Failure to Correct Deficiencies: If the CAT 1 inspection uncovers any deficiencies or safety concerns, the building owner is required to address these issues promptly. Failing to correct cited deficiencies by the given deadline can result in additional fines, compounding daily until the issues are resolved and the compliant inspection report is filed.

Fines for CAT 5 Inspection Non-Compliance:

  1. Late Filing: Similar to CAT 1, failure to file a CAT 5 inspection report by the required deadline results in fines. Given the comprehensive nature of CAT 5 inspections, the penalties for late filing can be substantial, reflecting the critical importance of these five-year evaluations in ensuring elevator safety.
  2. Failure to Correct Deficiencies: If a CAT 5 inspection identifies any critical issues or non-compliance with safety standards, the building owner must undertake the necessary repairs or upgrades. Delay in addressing these issues can lead to hefty fines, with the amount typically increasing over time until the compliant inspection report is submitted.

Additional Considerations:

  • Aggravated Penalties: Repeat offenders or those who demonstrate a consistent pattern of non-compliance may face aggravated penalties. This could include higher fines or even legal action, depending on the severity and frequency of the violations.
  • Operational Restrictions: In some cases, especially where non-compliance poses significant safety risks, the DOB may impose operational restrictions on the elevator until compliance is achieved. This can disrupt normal building operations and result in further financial implications for the building owner.

Building Owner and Manager Responsibilities

Building owners and managers bear the legal responsibility to hire a competent and approved elevator inspection agency for tests. To ensure impartiality and transparency in the inspection process, building owners and managers are required to engage unaffiliated third-party agencies, often in the form of elevator consultants. These independent entities serve as witnesses to the inspection, verifying that the tests are conducted in accordance with regulatory standards.

The involvement of an unaffiliated third-party agency adds an extra layer of accountability. It reduces the likelihood of shortcuts or biases during the inspection process, ensuring that the results are accurate and trustworthy.

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Client Testimonials

I manage several buildings in Manhattan and we use Insparisk for our annual boiler filings with the Dept. of Buildings.  They not only alert me every year to have them perform the inspection, but they also promptly inspect and file with the City.  Invoices are all handled efficiently and electronically.  If you have questions or concerns, they are super responsive and helpful on the phone.  I highly recommend Insparisk.

Jason Jones, CBM Limited

I worked with Melissa over at Insparisk and she was great! She was responsive and professional. She got my boilers inspected immediately and followed up. I will be definitely using them for all my properties and recommending them to others.

Darlin Bremi , Bremi Inc
Universal Boiler Inspections

As a client we’ve worked with insparisk for about 4 years now. They provide great customer service and go above and beyond for their clients. It’s a pleasure working with Melissa/Vincent.

Leo Gonzalez, The Universal Church

As a Property Manager, I need a service like this to keep our boilers in compliance.  The staff here is very fast and professional.

Brandon Benitez, Direct Building Management Inc
Boiler Inspection services

Sherri was sufficient and professional. They’ve been doing my boiler inspection for the past 10 years.

Patrick Lau, Crystal Capital Corp.

If I had the privilege to choose the motto for Insparisk, it would be “Semper Paratus” because the representatives are always ready to serve. They are both professional and knowledgeable; therefore, I give Insparisk my highest recommendation!

Terri Young, SEED of Westchester Inc.

I called Insparisk earlier today, and I just want to share my experience with everyone. I spoke to Shereen Elabasy, and she was extremely helpful. She was very informative, and she answered all my questions with no hesitation.  Thank you, Shereen, for all your help.


Property Manager
I have used Insparisk for my annual boiler inspection for a few years now, and each and every time it has been a very efficient process. I have found them to be very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in terms of providing information in regard to a few other plumbing questions that I had. Melissa is very quick to respond to my inquiries – which I appreciate very much!!!!

Lori Raymer, LREV 644 Grand Management Corp