What the Law Says About Elevator Safety

If you have an elevator in an apartment complex, retail store or any other property that you own, it is critical to keep it properly maintained. Doing so can avoid potential financial and legal penalties as well as other damages related to a tenant, guest or patron getting hurt. Let's look [...]

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Benefits of a Seasonal Boiler Inspection for Schools

Autumn often brings with it spells of chilly weather. This means that school boilers need to be ready for action. Boilers are designed to heat large buildings efficiently, but they can only do that if they are properly maintained and routinely inspected A late summer or early autumn New York City [...]

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Propane Tank Inspections Increase the Safety of Grilling Food

Many food trucks, restaurants and other types of food vendors make use of propane tanks for powering their grills. These propane tanks need to be inspected and certified for safe operations. Find out why it is important to schedule a New York City oil and gas inspection and what you should [...]

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Three Ways Routine Gas Inspections Help Prevent Fraud and Crime

When consumers visit a gas station to get E-85 fuel, gasoline, diesel or another petroleum product, they expect to get the quantity and purity they pay for. They also expect that the payment systems will be secure and free of tampering. Routine NYC oil and gas inspection services help ensure the [...]

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We are Insparisk – Certification, Testing and Inspection – New York City

Whether residential or commercial, Insparisk can help you with all your inspection, certification and testing needs. Insparisk provides: -Construction & Engineering Testing and Inspections From commissioning new equipment to performing various tests and inspections surrounding new construction, build outs and properties, you can count on us to be your partner for [...]

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Enjoy Your Property More With Regular Boiler Inspections

Enjoy Your Property More With Regular Boiler Inspections Ideally, a home or business owner will schedule a boiler inspection at least once a year. Doing so will make it easier to catch any problems with it before they become large and expensive repairs to make. Proper boiler maintenance could allow your [...]

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How to Safely and Responsibly Use an Escalator

How to Safely and Responsibly Use an Escalator Escalators are the ultimate replacement for stairs, which is why most people at malls and other public places will use them. Gliding up to the next level is a fun and relaxing experience but basic safety precautions should still be taken. Let's go [...]

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The Dangers of a Leaking Pipeline

The Dangers of a Leaking Pipeline If a gas or oil pipeline breaks or experiences a leak, it could create major problems in a city as large as New York. Even if the oil or gas is contained quickly, there may be thousands of people who are impacted by it. Let's [...]

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3 Types of Essential Oil and Gas Inspections for Industry

3 Types of Essential Oil and Gas Inspections for Industry When you are the owner of an industrial or commercial property that makes use of one or more natural gas, oil or other types of pipelines, a professional NYC oil and gas inspection is critical. The law stipulates some of the [...]

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