Unusual Items Found During Routine Inspections of NYC Escalators

In busy buildings, hundreds or even thousands of people may ride on an escalator in a single day. Some of those people may drop things out of their bags, pockets or backpacks. Those items could fall down the stairs and wind up in the escalator's mechanisms. Routine NYC escalator inspection services [...]

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Riding an Escalator in a Safe and Responsible Manner

  An escalator may not seem like something that can cause an injury. However, using an escalator in an improper manner can cause a slip-and-fall or other types of accidents. While you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills or other costs related to an escalator accident, this is not [...]

2020-05-18T04:35:39+00:00August 14th, 2018|

How to Safely and Responsibly Use an Escalator

How to Safely and Responsibly Use an Escalator Escalators are the ultimate replacement for stairs, which is why most people at malls and other public places will use them. Gliding up to the next level is a fun and relaxing experience but basic safety precautions should still be taken. Let's go [...]

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