What are the services required by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection?

If your boiler’s BTU rating is between 350,000-2.8 million the DEP requires you to renew the registration every three years.  This is the most common type of DEP filing a property owner/manager will encounter.  The DEP charges a renewal fee for every three-year cycle. The DEP can issue civil penalties of up to $875 for failure to renew your registration in a timely manner.

For boilers over 2.8 million BTU, the DEP requires a performance test to be performed every 3 years in order to receive a certificate to operate. In addition to the triennial performance test , the DEP requires an annual tuneup and combustion analysis to be performed.

Insparisk is proud to offer the following services:

  • DEP Triennial Registration Renewal Service
  • Certificate to Operate
  • Annual Combustion Analysis Compliance
  • Violation Remediation