What to Know About Renting a Commercial Building

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Commercial Tenant When you rent an apartment, your landlord is generally responsible for fixing anything that might break or taking care of yard maintenance. However, when you rent a commercial space, you are generally required to both pay rent to the landlord and keep the [...]

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How to Prepare for a Boiler Inspection

Prepare for Your Boiler Inspection All boilers are required to be inspected in New York City. These inspections are important to the safety of your equipment and staff. It can help you to adhere to all local and state requirements as well. There are a few things you can do to [...]

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What to do With a Lapsed Escalator Inspection

Three Steps to Handle a Lapsed Escalator Inspection The law indicates that every escalator needs an annual inspection, but the unfortunate truth is that many escalators haven't been checked in years. Failing to stay up to code can result in hefty fines and large lawsuits if anyone is injured. If you [...]

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How Elevator Inspections Can Help Your Brand

The Importance of Regular Corporate Elevator Inspections If your company has an elevator on your company's premises, it is important that you inspect it at least once a year. This can make it possible to spot problems with cables or other components while they are easy to fix. It can also [...]

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