What Not to Do While Riding an Escalator

  How to Avoid Getting Hurt While on an Escalator Generally speaking, an escalator is a safe mode of transportation for people of all ages. Of course, there are ways that you can put yourself and others in danger of getting hurt. Let's take a look at the actions that could [...]

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Common Problems With Escalators

Reasons Why Your Escalator Isn't Working Properly An escalator can be an entertaining and convenient way to get to various levels in a mall or other building. However, if it is not working properly, it can create a safety hazard for those who are riding on it. This is true despite [...]

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Unusual Items Found During Routine Inspections of NYC Escalators

In busy buildings, hundreds or even thousands of people may ride on an escalator in a single day. Some of those people may drop things out of their bags, pockets or backpacks. Those items could fall down the stairs and wind up in the escalator's mechanisms. Routine NYC escalator inspection services [...]

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Tips to Keep an Escalator Operating Properly in NYC

If your place of business has an escalator, you may find that it is an easy thing to forget about. It is easy to assume that they just keep running without much care, but this is not the case. Escalators, like elevators, take constant care to keep them running properly, and [...]

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