Good Reasons to Have an Elevator Inspected

Events That May Warrant an Elevator Inspection An elevator typically needs to be inspected at least once a year to comply with existing law. However, it may not be a bad idea to have an elevator inspection more frequently than that to ensure that no one gets hurt while using it. [...]

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How to Avoid Injury While in an Elevator

How to Avoid Getting Hurt in an Elevator You may not give much thought to what could happen if your elevator doesn't function properly. Typically, you are more worried about how many people might be in there with you or how many stops it has to make until it gets to [...]

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Regular Maintenance Is Important For Your Elevator

Keep Your Elevator Safe with the Proper Maintenance If you have an elevator in your building, it is important to keep it properly maintained. You have to schedule inspections on a regular basis. Many cities have laws that mandate these inspections are conducted by a professional company. Here are a few [...]

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Three of the Oldest Elevators in New York

  A Look at Some of the Oldest Elevators in N.Y. There are more than 84,000 elevators and escalators in New York City. They can be found in many businesses, sports arenas and other locations throughout the city. The oldest passenger elevator in the world was first used in the E.V. [...]

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Ways to Modernize Your Elevator System in New York City

How to Renovate Your Elevator Systems for Maximum Return on Investment Whether you're trying to attract new leases in the competitive real estate market of New York or simply selling a property, elevators are one of the most significant factors. If you're a property owner who has onsite elevation, understanding the [...]

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What the Law Says About Elevator Safety

If you have an elevator in an apartment complex, retail store or any other property that you own, it is critical to keep it properly maintained. Doing so can avoid potential financial and legal penalties as well as other damages related to a tenant, guest or patron getting hurt. Let's look [...]

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3 Signs It's Time to Inspect Your Elevator

From big cities to small towns, it's not hard to find an operating elevator. In metropolitan areas like NYC, finding an elevator is as easy as walking into the nearest building. If you maintain a building that houses one or more elevators, you may be wondering at what point to schedule [...]

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