General Boiler Operation and Inspection Information

Basics About Boilers: Usage, Safety, and Efficiency Industrial boilers have long been the preferred method for heating large institutions such as hospitals, prisons, and multi-dwelling housing structures. Although modern heating and cooling systems are considered more efficient and technologically advanced, there are many cases where there are simply no viable alternatives [...]

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Why It Is Important to Use the Right Mix of Fuel in a Boiler

  How the Fuel Specification Affects a Boiler System's Energy Efficiency During your annual New York City boiler inspection, one of the things that the inspector will check is the unit's efficiency. You might have already noticed efficiency problems such as an increase in fuel consumption without a drastic change in [...]

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Easy Ways to Tell That a Boiler Is Malfunctioning

Common Signs That a Boiler Needs to Be Fixed A boiler is used to create and distribute hot water to faucets throughout a home or office building. If it is not working properly, it may be impossible to wash your hands properly, wash dishes or perform other tasks. There are many [...]

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Three Signs It's Time for Your Boiler Inspection

Approximately one out of every four commercial buildings house a boiler. In New York City, boilers are often found in office buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, etc., and play a large role in the building's heat and water needs. If you manage one or more buildings with a boiler, it's important to [...]

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Preparing for Your NYC Annual Boiler Inspections

For building owners and property managers in New York City, it is important to remember that boilers must be inspected each year. With only a few exceptions, like boilers for one- to five-family properties or those owned by domestic or foreign government agencies, all boilers in the city must go through [...]

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Four Essential Steps to a Long Boiler Lifespan

Any plumber or another technician will look for common problem areas when performing a New York City boiler inspection. These issues are widespread because they arise from inadequate boiler maintenance. There are four important steps that any boiler owner can perform to help avoid these prevalent problems with their own equipment. [...]

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