Risks Associated With Backflow

What Backflow Is and Why It Must Be Prevented The New York City Department of Environmental or DEP is responsible for providing potable water to more than nine million people. Therefore, NYC backflow preventer testing is legally mandated for certain businesses and highly advised for many other businesses and residences. So, [...]

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What to Know About Backflow Preventer Warranties

How to Make Use of a Warranty In most cases, backflow prevention equipment will come with a warranty. A warranty is a promise that the manufacturer will repair or replace any equipment that does not work as it is intended to. However, there are likely terms or conditions attached to the [...]

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When To Test And Replace Different Types Of Plumbing Fixtures

How Often To Test And Replace Different Plumbing System Parts Different parts of a commercial, industrial or residential plumbing system have different average lifespans. It is important to become familiar with these lifespans so that parts can be tested and replaced before they unexpectedly fail and cause a major leak or [...]

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Types of Substances That a Backflow Preventer Device Stops

  When updating your residential, commercial or industrial plumbing, you may notice a line item for a backflow preventer. This is a device that stops contamination of potable water. In addition to the installation of the device, routine NYC backflow preventer testing is also required. There are three main types of [...]

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Common Types of Backflow Prevention

The law requires NYC backflow preventer testing after installation because backflow prevents serious risks. If a backflow prevention device fails, then pollution or other kind of contamination can compromise potable water. Preventers can vary in design, but most generally fall into one of three core classes: vacuum breakers, double-check valves and [...]

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A Backflow Preventer and Its Purpose

Clean running water is something that is often taken for granted because it is something that we are used to having without any thought or effort on our part. This is largely in part because we have devices that are in place that ensure that we have clean water. One of [...]

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Three Commercial Systems That Need Backflow Prevention Devices

In the commercial and industrial setting, large systems that use a lot of water or chemicals may need to have a backflow prevention device installed. These devices are designed to protect both the equipment and the environment. After the devices are installed, annual NYC backflow preventer testing may be required in [...]

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