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COVID-19: Helping Facility/Property Management Navigate Through Interesting Times

March 24, 2020 by Greg Swanberg, CEO Insparisk, LLC Many companies are responding to the outbreak in a relatively coordinated effort across their company and remain focused on their employees’ health and safety. Monitoring your locations and buildings is also important during these interesting times. Understanding and maintaining the ongoing condition [...]

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Press Release – Insparisk Introduces The Insparisk FactorTM For Equipment Risk Management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 14, 2018 Insparisk Introduces The Insparisk FactorTM For Equipment Risk Management WHITESTONE, N.Y. – Insparisk is pleased to introduce a new reporting product called The Insparisk FactorTM. The Insparisk FactorTM will be included with every inspection service performed and will allow a client to understand how “at [...]

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What Gas Stations Need in Order to Earn a Permit

When an owner of a gas station wants to earn a first or repeat NYC Certificate to Operate, the facility needs to have certain elements in place. The presence of these safety elements is checked at an initial inspection and repeat inspections. These are some of the safety systems that an [...]

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We are Insparisk – Certification, Testing and Inspection – New York City

Whether residential or commercial, Insparisk can help you with all your inspection, certification and testing needs. Insparisk provides: -Construction & Engineering Testing and Inspections From commissioning new equipment to performing various tests and inspections surrounding new construction, build outs and properties, you can count on us to be your partner for [...]

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Three Commercial Systems That Need Backflow Prevention Devices

In the commercial and industrial setting, large systems that use a lot of water or chemicals may need to have a backflow prevention device installed. These devices are designed to protect both the equipment and the environment. After the devices are installed, annual NYC backflow preventer testing may be required in [...]

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Three Boiler Problems of Which You Need to Be Aware

Most boilers operate without trouble, and they do so for many years so long as regular maintenance is performed. Because boilers operate under high pressure, it is important to schedule a regular New York City boiler inspection to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Keep these three common boiler [...]

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Escalators and Injuries: Failing to Book an Inspection

Escalators are present in most multi-level businesses to help customers move around. Though they are generally safe, failing to book a routine safety inspection can have grave consequences. Below are just a few of the problems that may occur if safety is not the primary priority. An NYC escalator inspection is [...]

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Dispenser and Tank Sections of an Oil and Gas Inspection

Each year, oil and gas dispensing stations must undergo a New York City oil and gas inspection in order to retain a permit to do business. The dispensing pumps and tanks make up an important part of the inspection process. Consider these three areas that the inspector will consider during the [...]

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