How Weather Could Interfere With Your Facility’s Inspection

When you are planning a NYC oil and gas inspection, the weather forecast is important. Inclement weather on the day of your inspection could alter the inspector’s ability to do what needs to be done. It is a good idea to have a few backup dates in mind in case the original date of your inspection needs to be postponed due to the weather. Consider these ways in which the weather could interfere with the inspection process.

Accessibility of Areas That Need Inspection

Inclement weather may interfere with the accessibility of areas that require inspection. Rain, wind, ice or snow may make it difficult or impossible to climb the ladders of above-ground storage tanks. Ice or snow may make it difficult to access any slippery surfaces, including metal walkways and hatch doors. Wind may interfere with traversing elevated structures.

Interference With Instruments

Extreme temperature or humidity levels could affect the accuracy of instruments that are used in the inspection process. Pressure gauges are affected by these conditions. Computerized equipment may not be operable in heavy rain, ice or snow. Wind may interfere with the operation of instruments that use RFID signals.

Safety Concerns for the Inspector

The inspector may refuse to inspect part of a facility if the weather creates hazardous conditions. The temperature at the ground may be warmer than the temperature of an elevated walkway or the top of a storage tank. The inspector might ask to reschedule the entire inspection or return at a later time to inspect the places that are unsafe to access. The inspector may even call in advance if the weather conditions are so severe that any inspection at all would create a safety risk for themselves and the facility’s staff.