The Impact an Accident Can Have on a Brand

While accidents can happen no matter how much your company does to mitigate hazards, the public is generally not going to be happy if it was caused by carelessness. This is because an oil spill can harm wildlife over thousands of square miles, and the damage may take months or years to repair. An explosion could result in the injury or death of workers or others near the scene. Therefore, it is not something that people will forget about quickly.

Customers May Not Want to Associate With the Brand

These days, consumers want to buy goods and services from companies that care about the environment. Therefore, being known as a company that is prone to accidents involving oil or other natural resources is not going to help persuade individuals to spend on your products. While it may be possible to recover from an accident or two, any loss of revenue may make it harder for the company to expand or stay profitable.

People Are Unlikely to Want to Work for the Company

Individuals who feel as if their lives will be at stake each time that they report for duty will likely choose to work for another company. This could result in losing key employees that your company already has or failing to hire quality employees in the future. An inability to keep good people may result in additional accidents or otherwise cause your brand to suffer even more damage.

Take Responsibility for an Accident

It is important that your business takes steps to find out why an accident happened and prevent it from happening again. Ideally, you will have a New York City oil and gas inspection scheduled as part of the recovery and rebuilding process. Along with other steps, it may help restore the public’s confidence in your business as well as the confidence of your workers.