How to Make Use of a Warranty

In most cases, backflow prevention equipment will come with a warranty. A warranty is a promise that the manufacturer will repair or replace any equipment that does not work as it is intended to. However, there are likely terms or conditions attached to the warranty. Therefore, it is important that you understand those terms before making a claim under it.

How Long Does a Warranty Last?

Typically, a warranty for a backflow prevention product will last for a year. However, it is possible that state or other laws allow for longer periods of protection against faulty or defective products. In some cases, the manufacturer will repair or replace a product even if the warranty period has expired in an effort to gain goodwill with a customer.

Are There Any Limitations to a Warranty?

There may be limitations as to whether your warranty applies in a given situation. If damage was caused by using a product improperly, it is unlikely that a manufacturer would honor it. The same could be true if the damage was caused because the product was improperly modified after installation or was not installed by the manufacturer. Any other negligence that results in a damaged or defective product may result in a warranty being voided or not fully honored.

Maintaining a Product Is Key

Regular NYC backflow preventer testing can help to ensure that the product works as it should for the entirety of its useful life. A testing professional may be available by appointment or on an emergency basis if needed. In addition to making sure that the warranty remains valid, regular testing can also ensure that a business operates smoothly.