How to Avoid Getting Hurt in an Elevator

You may not give much thought to what could happen if your elevator doesn’t function properly. Typically, you are more worried about how many people might be in there with you or how many stops it has to make until it gets to your desired floor. However, it is important to know how to stay safe in the event of an elevator emergency.

What Happens If the Elevator Stops Suddenly?

If the elevator stops moving, you can press the emergency button for help. In most cases, you will be connected to a person who can help troubleshoot the problem and let you know that help is on the way. It is important that you listen to any instructions given, and it is also a good idea to wait for emergency personnel as they are trained to handle such situations.

What If the Door Won’t Open?

It is possible that the elevator door won’t open or won’t open all the way. It is never a good idea to attempt to pry the door open on your own because there is a chance that it could close on you. There is also a chance that the elevator will start moving again, and you could fall through the open door down the elevator shaft. In the event that your door isn’t working properly, call for help.

The Elevator Is Not Level With the Floor

If the door is not level with the floor, do not attempt to get on or get off the elevator as there is a risk that you could trip or fall. If the elevator moves suddenly while your foot or leg is caught in the gap, those body parts could be crushed. Property owners can prevent these and other problems by having a NYC elevator inspection performed at the first sign of trouble.