Dangers Posed By Escalators

While you may not be scared or nervous while riding an elevator, there could be hazards lurking on each one that you use. It may also be dangerous to repair or maintain an escalator as well. Let’s take a closer look at these risks and how to avoid them.

There Could Be Gaps Between the Steps and the Railing

If an escalator is designed and installed properly, there should be no gaps between the railing and the steps. However, it is possible that a lack of maintenance or other issues may cause them to occur. This issue should be reported to an employee or anyone else who could fix the issue. Managers or employees of the company that operates the space where the elevator is installed should shut it down immediately.

A Lack of Lighting Can Cause Serious Problems

Each step on an escalator is supposed to use a series of lights to help you determine where to step. If the lights are not working, it could be difficult to tell where one step starts and the next one ends when initially getting on the escalator. Handrails and other safety equipment should also be properly lit so that they are easy to identify.

Workers Can Be Harmed By Wires or Exposed Gears

Those who are hired to repair an escalator could be hurt if a wire is exposed or if mechanical components are not properly locked or guarded. Ideally, a NYC escalator inspection will take place before repairs are made to help identify any safety hazards that need to be addressed. An inspection should occur after repairs are made to ensure that these hazards were properly mitigated and that the escalator conforms to city code.