What Can Happen if Motor or Engine Oil Isn’t Changed

If you own any sort of machine, it is likely that one or more parts need to be lubricated by oil. The oil allows the parts to move together without scratching or scoring the metal surface. However, if it isn’t changed regularly, it could actually cause damage to the parts that it is designed to protect.

What Happens to Oil That Isn’t Changed?

Over time, oil begins to break down and become less effective at providing lubrication. As this happens, it will start to take on a gummy or gooey texture that can clog parts within a car engine or other machine. Oil should be replaced every few weeks or months as recommended by the equipment’s manufacturer.

What Happens to Parts That Aren’t Properly Lubricated?

If there isn’t enough oil to provide lubrication, gears or other mechanisms will create heat due to increased friction. Over time, the friction can cause the metal to burn, which can result in an engine fire. Even if the metal doesn’t catch on fire, it is still possible for a part to lose its shape. If that happens, it could be damaged beyond repair or cause damage to other parts if allowed to remain in place.

Don’t Hesitate to Make Time for Inspections

Hiring professionals to perform a New York City oil and gas inspection may help to ensure that the right oil is being used in your machines. It can also help to make sure that it is being stored properly when not in use. Having inspections and taking other safety precautions can reduce the chances that someone will get hurt.