Keep Your Elevator Safe with the Proper Maintenance

If you have an elevator in your building, it is important to keep it properly maintained. You have to schedule inspections on a regular basis. Many cities have laws that mandate these inspections are conducted by a professional company. Here are a few reasons you need to have an NYC elevator inspection from a qualified company.

Inspections Are Mandated by Law

In most jurisdictions in the United States, you must have your elevator inspected by a reputable company. These laws may differ by county or state, but they all require some sort of inspection. Any new equipment cannot be used unless it is certified by officials in your jurisdiction. A licensed elevator technician can perform these inspections for you.

Don’t Get an Elevator Violation

If your inspection finds a violation, you will have 30 days to fix the issue and bring it back to compliance. In most cases, the elevator cannot be used during this time. You want to find an experienced company that can perform maintenance between inspections. Regular maintenance can help you avoid any unnecessary violations. If you fail an elevator inspection, you may even be subjected to penalties and fines.

Maintain Your Elevator Safety

As the owner of the elevator, your first priority is the safety of the public. You want to follow all local regulations and complete the mandated inspections. A proper maintenance plan can help you to avoid any unnecessary issues with your elevator system. Elevators with regular maintenance often break down less and cause fewer operational problems for your building. With regular maintenance, you can avoid any liability issues with unmaintained equipment. Proper maintenance will protect you from legal issues as well. You can find a company that will offer you maintenance solutions to keep your elevator operating in accordance with all the applicable laws in your area. Elevator regular maintenance is the easiest way to keep the public safe, obey all regulations, and limit your legal responsibilities.