Prepare for Your Boiler Inspection

All boilers are required to be inspected in New York City. These inspections are important to the safety of your equipment and staff. It can help you to adhere to all local and state requirements as well. There are a few things you can do to make sure your equipment passes an inspection.

Keep a Maintenance Log

If you are not keeping a log for the boiler’s maintenance, you need to start right away. The boiler log helps you to ensure that your operators are properly checking the equipment. The inspector will want to check that the boiler is maintained in your building. The logbook will also note that problems were detected and repaired by your operators.

Complete Regular Tasks

There are a few things that you can do to keep your boiler operating at a safe level. You want to run your own checks on the equipment before an inspection. If there is a problem, this is the time to fix it without getting a violation. You also want to keep up on all the new codes and regulations for the city. Your boiler needs to be properly tested to ensure proper operation. Finally, your operators should inspect the equipment for any leaks or damaged valves on the boiler. A quick walk around the boiler can help you identify any potential issues.

Schedule Your Inspection

When you call to schedule an inspection, you want to plan a time that does not adversely impact the facility’s operations. Your whole staff should be notified when an inspection will take place. The boiler must be properly cooled down to proceed with a thorough examination. In some cases, the boilers need 24 to 48 hours to completely cool down. The combustion and furnace chambers should be cleaned as well. You want your boiler to be in top shape for the city’s inspection. When you book your appointment, you need to call a qualified company that specializes in New York City boiler inspection.