Easy Steps to Provide Clean Air for Employees

Those who work on oil rigs, drive oil trucks or who otherwise work around toxic substances need to know that they are safe from exposure to dangerous fumes. Fortunately, there are many easy steps that employers can take to make sure that their people are not going to get sick or die because of such exposure.

Make Sure Work Areas are Properly Ventilated

Proper ventilation can be the difference between breathing clean air and breathing toxic air. An air filtration system can be used to take toxic air away from a work space and replace it with clean air. If an individual is working in a confined area, he or she should be given a portable mask to help keep that person safe.

Look for Symptoms of Exposure to Gas or Oil Fumes

Those who have been harmed by chemical exposure may present with a variety of symptoms. For instance, they may complain of feeling dizzy or like they are going to throw up. They may also complain of numbness or have a hard time speaking in coherent sentences. In some cases, a worker will faint or otherwise pass out from a lack of oxygen. Companies can use a buddy system or assign monitors to ensure that workers are pulled from unsafe environments before they become seriously or irreversibly ill.

Everyone Should Be Aware of Possible Safety Hazards

A NYC oil and gas inspection can be part of an overall safety plan that ensures that workers are never put in harm’s way unnecessarily. Workers should be empowered to voice any concerns that they have about their work environment or any of the equipment that they use. They should also never be forced to work if they don’t think that it is safe to do so.