Tips for Sharing the Results of Your Routine Elevator Inspection

When you have your annual NYC elevator inspection, the results must be shared with the New York City Department of Buildings. You may assume that is the end of what you need to do. However, the tenants or residents of your building may also want to know the results. Use these tips for getting out this essential information.

Post Results By the Elevator

One way to easily share the results of an elevator inspection is to post the results by the elevator. You could hang a summary or the sign-off page from the inspector stating that the elevator has passed its annual inspection. The results could be placed in a plastic sheath and hung on the wall for ease of viewing. If you have a desk near the elevators or in the building’s lobby, you could put the longer inspection report in a binder at the desk.

Print Copies

Another way to share the results is to print copies of the inspector’s report and put them in each resident’s mailbox. The residents can read the report at their leisure. You might be required to do this if the lease agreements stipulate giving each resident a copy of the inspection results.

Electronic Distribution

Printing many copies of a lengthy inspection report could use a lot of your resources. Residents may assume that it is junk and simply put it into a trash bin or recycle it without bothering to read it. If your building has an email for distributing information to tenants, consider attaching an electronic copy of the inspection results and emailing it to the tenants. This is an efficient way of distributing the information, and tenants can read or file it as they see fit. Electronic sharing also cuts down on paper usage.