Steps to Take to Prevent Explosions on the Job

An explosion can take place for a variety of reasons. For instance, chemical fumes could build up in a closed space or dust could become flammable without a lot of warning. However, there are many steps that you can take to ensure that your people don’t get hurt in such an event.

Ventilate a Work Area Properly

One of the easiest ways to prevent an explosion from taking place is vent dust and fumes away from a closed area. Ideally, air will be vented outside and replaced by fresh air on a regular basis. In addition to reducing the chances for an accident, it can also reduce the chances that workers get sick by breathing in dust or other particles.

Use Water When Cutting Stone

Dust is most likely to get into the air when a person is cutting stone or concrete. By using a wet saw to cut concrete or similar materials, it may be possible to keep dust to a minimum or eliminate from the air completely. It can also help to keep the stone cool, which will keep sparks and heat to a minimum. When the conditions are right, a spark could mix with chemicals to create an explosion.

Perform Inspections Regularly

A NYC oil and gas inspection should be performed regularly to ensure that there aren’t any undetected leaks or spills. Oil and gas could create conditions favorable for a fire or similar type of emergency at a job site. However, this should be part of an overall safety plan that involves walking around a workplace each day to spot and mitigate hazards before they can lead to an injury or death.