Common Clues That a Gas Line Is Broken

A broken gas line can cause a myriad of problems for yourself and your belongings. Children and pets could also be impacted by a broken gas line and resulting gas leak. Fortunately, there are many common signs that there may be an issue with your gas line that should be taken care of right away.

Your Gas Bills Are Going Up

If you notice an increase in your heating bills, it could be a sure sign that your gas line is broken or otherwise not functioning at peak efficiency. If you are sure that you haven’t turned up the thermostat or started using more gas on purpose, call a professional today for New York City oil and gas inspection. A professional may be able to pinpoint the source of the leak and take action to fix it.

Are Plants Struggling to Grow?

If you notice that plants or grass are struggling to grow near your gas line, it could be because there is a gas leak present. That leak is likely caused by a broken or cracked pipe. Other physical signs of a broken gas line include an actual crack that you can see as well as hissing noises coming from it. You may also notice that windows or siding experience damage as chemicals interact with those items.

Are You Feeling All Right?

If you feel dizzy while standing or moving around your home, it could be because gas is getting into the house. You may also experience headaches or other physical symptoms even if you are otherwise healthy. The same may be true for your spouse, kids or pets. It is also possible that you will feel more tired than usual even if you get plenty of sleep at night.