Why You Don’t Bring Animals on Escalators

When it comes to getting to the second floor of the mall or other large building, you could be faced with many options to achieve your goal. One of those options may be to take an escalator. While this is fine if you are a human, it may not be the best idea to bring a cat, dog or another animal on it with you.

You May Have to Carry the Animal

Your pet may feel more secure being held close to your body when going up the escalator. This means that you must keep your hands off the guardrail while doing so. If the animal gets scared for any reason, it could knock you down or get free from your control. That may result in others being knocked over or otherwise injured because of the actions of the panicked animal.

A Leash Can Get Caught in the Escalator Steps

If you have a dog in a public place, there is a good chance that it will be on a leash. Generally speaking, leashes are several feet long and tend to dangle or get twisted when the animal is by your side. This could create a scenario in which the leash gets caught under one of the escalator steps. You or your pet could trip on the leash and sustain an injury. It is also possible that the leash gets caught around the animal and results in an injury to your furry friend.

Don’t Forget About the Added Weight

Escalator steps are rated to handle a certain amount of weight before they can break. If you have a larger dog, there is a greater risk of the escalator step breaking or the escalator not working properly because of the added weight. A NYC escalator inspection may be necessary if there are concerns about its ability to function properly.