Top Tips for Filing and Sharing Your Boiler Inspection Results

The New York City Department of Buildings requires that owners file their New York City boiler inspection results on a specific timeline. In most cases, the inspector and the inspection company take responsibility for handling this documentation. Even so, it is your duty as the building’s owner to ensure that your documentation is up-to-date. Use these tips for filing and sharing your boiler inspection results with all interested parties.

Verify Inspection Submission

Before the deadline for your boiler inspection results are due to the Department of Buildings, verify that they have received them. If they have not received the results, this gives you time to follow up with your inspector or the company’s customer service department. Be sure to account for holidays and business hours when having your results submitted to the appropriate person.

Keep Copies of Results

Sometimes, an electronic submission disappears or gets lost. Consider keeping your own hard copy and electronic copy of each inspection’s results. In a worst-case scenario, you could hand-deliver the results to the Department of Buildings in order to avoid getting any fines. The fee of a courier to hand-deliver a hard copy of your inspection results would cost less than the fines levied by the local authorities.

Sharing Results With Building Occupants

The occupants of your building may want access to the results of your boiler inspection. They might need this if they plan to sell or sub-lease their units. They may also need this information for insurance purposes. It is important to establish a routine for making the boiler inspection results available to your tenants. You may prefer to have the results in a binder or folder that tenants can view by appointment or on-demand during specific hours.