Three Steps to Handle a Lapsed Escalator Inspection

The law indicates that every escalator needs an annual inspection, but the unfortunate truth is that many escalators haven’t been checked in years. Failing to stay up to code can result in hefty fines and large lawsuits if anyone is injured. If you find that one or more of your escalators have a late inspection certificate, then here are the three steps you need to take.

Arrange for Inspection Immediately

You need to arrange for an inspection immediately as soon as you realize the problem. If the escalator is in obvious disrepair, then you may want to close it to prevent anyone from using it. It’s not worth risking someone’s health or having a prolonged lawsuit against your company. There might be fines due to the late inspection, but it’s better than the problems you’ll face if any injuries occur. Just contact an NYC escalator inspection agency as soon as possible.

Follow Repair Orders

Since the escalator’s inspection is out of date, there will likely be one or two things that need to be brought up to code. If this is the case, then get an escalator repair person to make all of the repairs. If you’re lucky, then the escalator may not need repair, or you may only have small infractions like a lack of signage. No matter what the infractions are, be sure to fix all of the problems until everything is up to code.

Second Inspection

If the initial inspection went well, then you don’t need to follow this step. In most cases, you’ll need a second inspection to ensure that all the repairs were done properly. Schedule this as soon as all the escalator problems are fixed to ensure the escalator can be opened back up. Once the inspection is complete, be sure to schedule an annual inspection every year going forward.