The Importance of Regular Corporate Elevator Inspections

If your company has an elevator on your company’s premises, it is important that you inspect it at least once a year. This can make it possible to spot problems with cables or other components while they are easy to fix. It can also make it possible to spot these issues before they put anyone’s safety at risk.

Your Company Could Face Liability for Damages

If an individual is harmed on an elevator that your company owns, the business could be liable for damages an injured victim incurs. Depending on the severity of the accident, these damages could climb into the millions of dollars. In addition to paying each victim’s medical bills or lost wages, the company could also face punitive damages. These damages are added to an award as a deterrent for other companies that may believe a settlement is less expensive than performing routine maintenance.

It Can Take Time for People to Feel Safe Again

The next time a customer walks into your store, hotel or other establishment, he or she may not be able to help but think about the accident. It could also be a hot topic on social media or in local newspapers. If the accident is featured on national or international news channels, it may be especially difficult to contain the fallout. This could result in a business losing both money and the goodwill of its patrons.

The Government May Levy Financial and Other Penalties

Failing to conduct a NYC elevator inspection may result in fines or other sanctions from local or state government authorities. If employees were required to use an unsafe elevator, OSHA could also get involved with the matter. Therefore, make it a point to have regular inspections to prevent possible negative consequences from occurring.