Ways to Store Used Oil

Oil is used to lubricate parts in a variety of machines that we use each day. For instance, it can be used on industrial equipment or in our cars and lawn mowers. However, it will have to be drained and replaced at some point. Therefore, it becomes necessary to store this oil, and it needs to be done so safely.

Oil Should Never Be Disposed of On Site

Whether you have just changed the oil in your car or have changed the oil on a piece of factory equipment, it should never be disposed of at a home or warehouse. Instead, it should be placed into a plastic container that is capable of creating an airtight seal when closed. This ensures that there is no way that the oil could leak out or that any fumes could escape the container. If exposed to toxic fumes, people and animals could run the risk of breathing or other health issues.

Used Oil Should Be Kept Far From Heavy Traffic Areas

After putting used oil into a container, the container itself should be placed in an isolated area. If the oil was drained from a lawn mower at home, it should be placed in an outdoor shed separate from the garage or home itself. Business owners may want to create a shed or out of the way outdoor spot where oil can be stored before it is eventually hauled off. Doing so may help business owners pass a scheduled or surprise NYC oil and gas inspection.

Where Can Oil Be Taken?

Used oil can be taken to a variety of locations to be disposed of or prepared for recycling. Most dealerships and auto body shops will take your used oil and know how to get rid of it safely. It may also be possible to ask your trash company to make a special trip to take your oil in a safe and timely manner.