Keeping People Safe When Working Near Flammable Materials

A fire can happen on a job site with little or no warning. All it takes is too much gas built up in the air or a spark near an oil drum to ignite a large amount of flammable material. However, there are steps that you can take to keep your people safe when working near anything that could potentially catch fire.

Conduct Regular Safety Assessments

It is critical that someone walk around a job site on a regular basis looking for hazards. This could include taking measurements of invisible gasses in the air or taking time to be sure that oil drums are properly stored and sealed. You or someone from your organization should also ensure that any task that could release sparks or flammable dust into the air is done with as many safety precautions in place as possible.

Take Steps to Keep Flammable Materials Away From Each Other

If a task could involve releasing dust into the air, it should be conducted in an isolated location away from sources of heat or other chemicals. Cutting tools can make use of water to keep them cool and to prevent as much dust as possible for getting into the air. Ventilation systems can also ensure that this isn’t a dangerous buildup of dust or gas in locations where people may be working.

Train Workers to Use Safety Equipment

As an employer, you should provide workers with emergency alarms, fire safety equipment and other tools needed to keep dangerous conditions to a minimum. In the event that a hazard cannot be mitigated, workers should not be asked to perform a task until the problem is resolved. In some cases, this may involve calling in a New York City oil and gas inspection professional for assistance.