How to Avoid Getting Hurt While on an Escalator

Generally speaking, an escalator is a safe mode of transportation for people of all ages. Of course, there are ways that you can put yourself and others in danger of getting hurt. Let’s take a look at the actions that could put you in harm’s way and how to avoid them altogether.

You Aren’t Standing on One Step

When on an escalator, it is critical that you have both feet on one step at all times. Sitting on handrails can result in falling off of the structure while standing on multiple steps could result in falling or pulling a muscle. Furthermore, don’t run, as you could trip, slip or fall while doing so. Ideally, you will have your hand on the guardrail until you reach your destination.

Wear Proper Clothing

It is important that you don’t wear clothing that is loose or that could get caught in between the steps. Therefore, you should tie your shoes, secure your jewelry and take other steps to ensure that your clothing is reasonably close to your body.
Your shoes should have sufficient grip to ensure that you won’t slip and fall while riding. In the event that you notice anything amiss, call the property owner or his or her representative. Depending on the severity of the issue, a NYC escalator inspection may need to be performed.

Leave the Escalator in a Timely Manner

It is important that you and your children proceed to exit the escalator platform quickly after getting off. This is because there may be other people behind you who are also trying to get off. By lingering, another person could collide with you or your children, which could lead to an injury or property damage.