Signs Your Water Isn’t Safe to Use

Without water, people would be unable to stay hydrated, take a shower or eat food from clean plates. While water contamination is relatively rare, it is important to understand the signs that something is wrong with the water coming out of a faucet. Fortunately, these signs are generally easy to spot before you drink or come into contact with it.

You May Smell Chlorine or Sulfur

Water that has been mixed with gas or other substances may have a sulfur smell to it when it comes out of your tap. It may also smell like chlorine because too much of the substance has been added to it during the treatment process. The good news is that the chlorine water itself isn’t necessarily harmful to drink. However, you will want to buy a filter or have someone come to your home to fully diagnose the problem.

Is Your Water Foamy?

If you notice that the water you drink or shower in comes out foamy, it could be because of bacteria growing in your pipes. It is important that you have a professional come check out the pipes to ensure that they don’t need to be cleaned or replaced completely. Unlike the chlorine water, drinking or bathing in bacteria is something that you should avoid at all costs. In fact, it may be a good idea to shut the water off completely until the problem is resolved.

Low Water Pressure Can Signal a Larger Problem

Water is maintained at a high pressure to ensure that gas and other materials aren’t allowed to mix with it. If you notice low water pressure, have an NYC backflow preventer testing provider come to your home immediately. In some cases, low pressure is merely the result of too many people showering or washing dishes at the same time.