Reasons Why Your Escalator Isn’t Working Properly

An escalator can be an entertaining and convenient way to get to various levels in a mall or other building. However, if it is not working properly, it can create a safety hazard for those who are riding on it. This is true despite the fact that they tend to move relatively slowly.

Guests Aren’t Properly Warned on How to Use an Escalator

While it isn’t difficult to figure out how to use an escalator, it is important to warn users of their potential dangers. For instance, a sign should tell them not to move from step to step while it is moving. They should also be warned that they should have both feet on a single step at all times. Finally, it may be worth telling an escalator user to keep an eye on any baggy clothing as it could be caught between the steps.

The Escalator Stops Moving Suddenly

There are many reasons why an escalator may stop moving. For instance, a loss of power could render the whole system motionless until a backup source can be found. If a pulley or other mechanical component of an escalator breaks, it may not be possible for the conveyor belt to cycle through.
If an electrical or mechanical problem arises, those who are on it should be advised to walk slowly and carefully until they reach their intended destination. Once everyone is off, it may be a good idea to call a NYC escalator inspection crew to diagnose the problem and suggest ways to fix it.

Make Sure the Unit Is Installed Correctly

An easy way to prevent escalator problems is to make sure that they are properly installed. Proper installation ensures that parts are properly lubricated or that they won’t overheat when used on a daily basis. The company that installs your escalator may be willing to certify that it was put in properly prior to leaving a job site.