How to Best Navigate the Certificate to Operate Process

Are you intimately familiar with the Statement of Basis and Purpose of Proposed Rule within Subchapter 5 of Chapter 1 of Title 24 of the City of New York’s Administrative Code? More importantly, do you know how to apply this codification and its application of fee structure? Also, there are multiple Place of Assembly Certificates of Operation available within New York City. The Fire Department offers one and so does the Department of Buildings. Do you know which one you need? If so, and you can answer all these questions, then you can stop reading this article right now. If not, then you need a partner who can help you navigate the myriad of this legalese, and most importantly, how it can impact your business.

Fire Alarm System Assessment

In New York City, if your building has a planned occupancy of 75 or more people indoors or 200 people outdoors, then your fire alarm system must be of a certain standard. A gathering of that many people could be a potentially hazardous situation in the event of a fire. Probably steeped in history, these threshold numbers have been established by New York City as safety capacity triggers which require certain fire system minimums.

Certificate of Operation Process

As alluded to in the introduction, there can be a complex process associated with obtaining a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation. As it is, a business really requires two certificates – – one from the Department of Buildings (DOB) Borough Office and the other from the Fire Department. A certificate from the DOB does not have to be renewed every year. However, the Fire Department version of the certificate, sometimes noted as a permit in certain paperwork, must be renewed annually and can have substantial fees associated with it.
When it comes to general system maintenance or construction, either new or renovation, the impact on the building’s fire alarm systems cannot be understated. Insparisk is a partner that you can trust to help you navigate through the NYC Certificate to Operate process. Contact Insparisk today to navigate your tomorrow.