Insparisk Introduces The Insparisk FactorTM For Equipment Risk Management
WHITESTONE, N.Y. – Insparisk is pleased to introduce a new reporting product called The Insparisk FactorTM. The Insparisk FactorTM will be included with every inspection service performed and will allow a client to understand how “at risk” their equipment is with an equipment health safety score. The Factor is based on an advanced algorithm proprietarily developed by Insparisk utilizing historic equipment data and cutting-edge diagnostics. This will give an executive summary on every inspection that is performed and lead to an equipment health score rolling forward.

“For years we have talked about introducing a standard along the lines of a credit score but for equipment. With the Insparisk FactorTM that talk meets action. Our clients will immediately begin to benefit from a quick view of their equipment and how they can best get ahead of potential problem situations. This will turn preventative maintenance into predictive maintenance” stated Vincent Caputo, VP Operations of Insparisk.
About Insparisk:
Insparisk was founded in order to provide inspection services nationwide. Inspections and risk assessments are performed to provide our clients with reliable data on their equipment/property in order to address any immediate issues as well as mitigate future risk. In addition, our inspections are utilized to meet local jurisdictional requirements. With the use of the most innovative technologies, the company is able to provide efficient and precise inspections as well as some of the most advanced reporting in the industry. Go to to explore additional services offered by Insparisk