Permits You Need for Operating a New York Gas Station

A majority of New York residents own, lease or rent a car in order to take longer trips and get to the places that the trains and subways are not convenient to get to. This means a lot of trips to the gas station. You could start your own business as a gas station owner after securing an NYC certificate to operate and these additional necessary permits from the city, state and federal entities.

Tax Identification

In order to operate a gas station business in New York City, you will need to get a tax identification number. You will need a federal tax ID for filing your business income taxes with the IRS. You will also need a tax identification number for filing your state, city and other local taxes in New York. You will get one from the state department of taxation and the others from the city auditor’s office.

Business License

You also need to obtain a business license. Part of this is the certificate to operate. Your business will need a legal name. This might be something called a “DBA,” or doing business as, followed by your name or the business name. You must register your business. If you will be employing other people, you may need to register with the state department of labor, insurance and other entities.

Environmental Permits

Gas stations require environmental permits. You may need documentation of site surveys from environmental or civil engineers. You may need inspections of the on-site tanks that store fuel. The state department of weights and measures and the Environmental Protection Agency may need to visit the site multiple times before you officially open to the public as a functional facility.