Three Ways An Elevator Inspection Increases Client Retention

When you need to boost client retention rates, and you are already doing everything you can with your products or marketing, then you might need to take a look at the services you offer. It might seem simple, but an NYC elevator inspection could be a big piece of the puzzle. Consider these three ways in which facilities management such as an elevator inspection could help bolster your business.

Demonstrate A Commitment To Safety

When you have the elevators inspected, you can proudly post the inspection date and results in or near the elevators or with your building management team. Anyone who asks for the inspection could take a look at it. This demonstrates your commitment to maintaining safety for anyone who sets foot in your building. People want to know that the elevator they are riding in is safe, and showing the recent inspection will give visitors, employees, customers and business partners a boost in confidence about using the elevators.

Show Willingness To Invest In Facilities Improvements

Making improvements to your facilities is not typically an exciting thing. Activities such as painting the walls or installing new fixtures is a rather mundane thing to do. However, demonstrating your willingness to invest in facilities maintenance and improvements shows that you care about your business, employees and customers. Let employees and others know what you are having done, from elevator inspections to the installation of improved drinking fountains.

Highlight The Benefits To Employees

Properly functioning elevators keep your employees happy. When the elevators are working the right way, your staff members can be more productive. If you write a letter to shareholders or issue an annual report, you could use elevator inspections and maintenance in your list of things done to help improve the facility’s working conditions for employees. Happier employees will also provide top-notch customer care.