Three Unusual Situations That Warrant an Escalator Inspection

Tens or even hundreds of thousands of residents and workers in New York City use escalators every day. From the ones in the subway to those in public buildings, the systems get a lot of use. If something unusual happens, such as one of these three things, the building management needs to quickly schedule an NYC escalator inspection.

Animal Waste

Many people bring therapy or service animals onto escalators. They may also bring their companion animals on the devices. Once in a while, animal waste may be deposited onto it. Pigeon or rat droppings could also get onto the escalator. It is important to check the mechanics and electronics of the system in case the animal waste has caused any damage.

Hazardous Materials Spills

Hazardous materials spills may also occur. Materials such as flammable fluids, unknown powders and other substances could get onto the escalator. Out of an abundance of caution, law enforcement and building managers may close the escalator from service until the substance can be identified and cleaned or removed from the area. Some substances could be harmful to the electrical or mechanical components, which is why a professional inspection and maintenance or repairs may also be needed.


Sometimes, the sanitary sewers of the city may back up, causing surrounding streets, underground areas and escalators to be exposed to the sewage. This is not only a hazard for people, but it is also a potential problem for the escalators in the area. If a sewage backup has occurred in the vicinity of an escalator, the system should be professionally inspected as soon as the plumbing problem has been taken care of by sanitation workers or plumbers. When the escalator is cleared for safe use, building owners or facilities managers may need to disinfect it.