Safety Tips For Gas Stations And Propane Refueling Centers

Gas and fuel stations are some of the most frequently visited facilities that attract hundreds or even thousands of customers per station per day. New York City oil and gas inspection services are key to maintaining safety. These are some of the safety tips that station managers and owners should keep in mind.

Post Warning Signs

It is important for station owners and managers to post warning signs for consumers. The warning signs should contain information about shutting down the vehicle’s engine before fueling. Signs should also indicate no smoking. Consumers should also be warned about the risks of using electronic devices while pumping gas. Consumers often ignore signs, so employees who are monitoring the pumps should pay attention for consumers engaging in hazardous behaviors.

Remove Combustibles

About one out of every 13 fuel stations has a fire every year. A fire at a fuel station could result in employee or civilian injuries. Station staff could remove combustibles such as trash. Trash receptacles should be located well away from the fuel pumps. Employees should regularly sweep the areas around the pumps. If any fuel is spilled, it should be properly cleaned up, and the surrounding fueling bay should be closed until the cleanup is complete.

Know When to Shut Down Pumps

It is important to know when to shut down fuel pumps. When there is an active severe storm warning for the area, station owners should consider shutting down the pumps. A severe thunderstorm or tornado warning are two instances in which shutting down the pumps could help keep customers safe until the weather passes. If a fire starts, all pumps should be shut down. Any pump with a reported malfunction or any kind of crack, rust or corrosion on the pumps, handles or latches should also be turned off.