Autumn often brings with it spells of chilly weather. This means that school boilers need to be ready for action. Boilers are designed to heat large buildings efficiently, but they can only do that if they are properly maintained and routinely inspected A late summer or early autumn New York City boiler inspection is just what every school building needs.
Ensure Efficiency of the Heating System
School buildings are typically large, with a lot of doors and windows that could let drafts come into the rooms and hallways. This causes boilers to work hard in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. The heat has to reach the far corners of the building, all classrooms, the offices and expansive places with tall ceilings, including gymnasiums and auditoriums. A routine inspection ensures that the boiler will be efficient in its heating functions.
Check for Safety Issues
Inspections also help with the identification of safety issues. A loose fitting, corroded valve or pressure problem within the system could lead to bigger problems in the future. Finding and correcting the issue before the coldest air of the winter arrives not only helps keep students safe, but it reduces the potential expenses of a major system failure if the problem is allowed to persist. The early detection of safety issues also prevents the need for unexpected building closures.
Prevent Building Closures
Inspecting the boiler now ensures that it will be working correctly when cold weather arrives in the area. When there is no heat in a building, it has to be closed until repairs can be made. This disrupts the educational process and causes issues for students, parents, families, teachers and staff. Any issues identified during the inspection can be fixed before wintertime. Finding problems now also ensures that there is enough time for parts to be ordered for repairs.