More than 70,000 elevators serve the residents of New York City. Like all complicated pieces of machinery, elevators require regular maintenance. Annual NYC elevator inspections help ensure that these indispensable pieces of equipment are safe for passengers at all times. There are also precautions that passengers can take to make sure their elevator experience is a safe one.

Wait Until the Elevator Is Level With the Floor

It’s very important to wait until the elevator car is level with the floor its doors open onto. If there is a small gap when the elevator stops, take special care when you’re exiting the elevator. Jumping up and down in an elevator while it’s moving can actually cause an elevator to miss the floor landing by an inch or two, so try to stand relatively still when you’re riding in one. Never exit an elevator if that gap is more than nine inches. Instead, ring the alarm and wait for an elevator maintenance engineer to make the elevator level.

Keep Elevator Doors Clear

Never use any part of your body to keep an elevator door open. Instead, use the appropriate button on the elevator control panel to open and close the doors. If your friend misses the elevator you’re on, there will always be another one in a few minutes. It’s also important to keep any scarves, coats or other pieces of clothing well clear of your elevator’s doors.

Don’t Overcrowd

It’s never a good idea to crowd too many people onto an elevator. Elevators have weight limits within which they operate safely. These typically translate into an occupancy limit notice that’s posted somewhere on the elevator walls. If there seem to be a lot of people on the car you want to take, it’s wise to wait for the next one.