When you board an escalator, you expect it to move smoothly and provide you with a safe ride. Occasionally, an escalator may not perform as expected. As a concerned citizen, you can take action and request an NYC escalator inspection or take these other actions to protect your safety and the safety of others.

Strange Sounds or Smells

When riding an escalator, the system should not make much noise. If you hear a grinding or clanking sound, get off the escalator as soon as you are safely able to do so. Report the sound to the facility or building manager. If you smell an unusual odor, such as smoke, chemicals or oil fumes, report the situation as quickly as possible. If no manager is available, you may contact the department of public safety or the fire department non-emergency service and report the issue.

You Experience an Injury

If you experience any sort of an injury while riding an escalator, it is important that you report the situation immediately. You could also ask a companion or bystander to report your injury. Seek treatment and document your injuries. A lawyer may request an inspection of the escalator or its maintenance and repair history.

The Ride Is Unusual

Perhaps you are riding on the escalator, and it stops. Maybe the escalator jerks, shudders, shakes or starts going faster than expected. Anything unusual about a ride on an escalator should trigger an inspection. Unusual movement, stops or starts often signals a problem with the escalator’s motor or safety systems. Shaking or shuddering might be the only signs that the escalator provides to riders before an emergency or total breakdown occurs. Getting the escalator inspected could help prevent injuries.