If you own a building or control how it is used, it is necessary to comply with building and safety codes. In many cases, you will have to pay to submit an application, have inspections performed and keep certificates in good standing. While it may seem expensive to keep up with local regulations, it can be even more expensive not to.

Owners Can Be Fined

A safety code violation could lead to a significant fine for the owner of a building or business that uses it. Fines can range anywhere from less than $1,000 to more than $10,000 depending on the type of violation. As a general rule, those who have repeated violations will face enhanced fines or the prospect of having the building shut down entirely until safety issues are fixed.

Criminal Penalties Could Also Be Imposed

Those who willfully ignore the need to obtain insurance, get a certificate or otherwise comply with local safety regulations could face criminal charges. This could mean spending months or years in jail or prison if convicted. Employees could be charged with a crime if they willfully ignore a safety regulation or otherwise take actions that are deemed to be negligent. Generally, this is true even if they don’t have an ownership stake in the building or the company that operates it.

Safety Should Be a Top Priority

As a property or business owner, you want to keep your exposure to liability as low as possible. Therefore, you will want to be able to meet the requirements to obtain a NYC Certificate to Operate or any other rules a city may establish. By maintaining safe premises, it is less likely that a person or another entity will file a lawsuit or otherwise seek compensation.