If you are a homeowner or are looking to buy a home, you have probably heard of a 4-point inspection. Even though most people have heard of this inspection, most are not entirely sure what is included or why it is necessary. Here are the basic facts about a 4-point inspection and the specific reasons that you may need one.

What Is a 4-Point Inspection?

A 4-point inspection is an inspection done on the home that includes four main components of the inspection. If you receive a 4-point inspection, this means that you have had your HVAC, roof system, plumbing system and electrical system inspected. HVAC, for those that are not familiar with the acronym, stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, meaning all of these elements are inspected during the 4-point inspection. During the inspection, they are primarily looking for functionality but are also looking for possible wear and tear that the equipment may have.

The Reason That You Likely Need a 4-Point Inspection

The main reason that you may need a 4-point inspection is that insurance companies often require a 4-point inspection in order to insure your home. Even if you do end up getting a full inspection done, the insurance company that will be insuring your home will likely not want the results of that complete inspection and will only require the inspection details on those 4 points. This is because these points are the main points of concern for insurance companies.

When to Opt for a More In-Depth Inspection

NYC oil and gas inspections typically find most issues if there is one, but keep in mind a 4-point inspection is a strictly visual inspection. This is a very useful inspection for a lot of situations, but it does not check for problems that may be happening inside of the equipment. If there is a possibility that your equipment has a problem that is not visible, you may want to get a more in-depth inspection of your equipment and home.