In the commercial and industrial setting, large systems that use a lot of water or chemicals may need to have a backflow prevention device installed. These devices are designed to protect both the equipment and the environment. After the devices are installed, annual NYC backflow preventer testing may be required in order to maintain a certificate of operation and a permit to conduct certain activities on the site.


Many commercial properties have boiler systems. The boilers may be used for generating heat, hot water or both of these. Boilers need routine descaling in order to remove mineral buildup. The buildup could decrease the system’s efficiency. The backflow prevention unit would prevent the descaling chemicals from getting back into the functional part of the boiler.

Power Washers

Commercial and industrial enterprises may also use power washers. The washers may be used for cleaning dirt, grease or other materials from large pieces of equipment, floors or other surfaces. The backflow prevention device may need to be installed onto a power washer in order to keep the water pressure required by the power washer from causing damage to the facility’s plumbing system.

Sprinklers and Fire Suppression Systems

Sprinklers and fire suppression systems must always have water ready and available at multiple locations of a building just in case a fire is detected. A backflow prevention device needs to be installed on the main water supply line for these systems. This is because of the static pressure that is present in the supply line. If too much water flowed into the plumbing, it could cause the sprinkler heads to rupture or leak. If the water flowed in the direction away from the sprinkler heads, then the system would be ineffective at putting out a fire in the commercial or industrial facility.