Most boilers operate without trouble, and they do so for many years so long as regular maintenance is performed. Because boilers operate under high pressure, it is important to schedule a regular New York City boiler inspection to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Keep these three common boiler problems in mind, and arrange for an inspection if you notice any issues.

No Heat or Hot Water

If the boiler stops making heat or hot water for the building, this could be due to a variety of problems. There could be an air lock issue, a thermostat problem or low water in the tank. A broken diaphragm or failure of one of the motorized valves could also be a cause of no heat or hot water. A boiler inspection could identify the cause of why there is no heat or hot water.

Leaking or Dripping

Leaking and dripping could have a variety of causes, depending on where the water is coming out of the boiler. A leak could be a result of a broken valve or fitting. It could also be caused by a broken pump seal. Drips could result from water pressure that is too high or corrosion somewhere within the system. Only an experienced boiler repair technician should troubleshoot leaks and drips.

Pilot Light Goes Out

If the pilot light goes out, this could be a cause of no heat or hot water. The reason why the pilot light is going out could be dirt, dust or debris in the combustion chamber. There may be too much airflow around the pilot light. A broken thermocouple switch could also cause the pilot light to go out. In some cases, there may be a problem with the gas supply. If other gas appliances are also not working, it could be the gas issue.