Escalators are present in most multi-level businesses to help customers move around. Though they are generally safe, failing to book a routine safety inspection can have grave consequences. Below are just a few of the problems that may occur if safety is not the primary priority. An NYC escalator inspection is crucial to reducing the chances of injuries occurring on the property.

Escalator Injuries

Escalator injuries are definitely uncommon, and their likelihood is greatly reduced in escalators that have been inspected and properly maintained. You might be surprised to hear that there are over 10,000 escalator-based injuries every year. Most of these occur with equipment that hasn’t been looked at for many years.
Common injuries include feet and shoelaces being sucked under the edges, customers falling over the side and arms getting caught in various places. Death is rare, but it can occur and is most common with escalators in disrepair and escalators needing inspection.

Extra Costs

No one likes paying for an escalator inspection, but it can be considered a cost-efficient expense when you look at the extra costs of not maintaining the equipment. As stated above, injuries occur most frequently on escalators in disrepair. You will be liable for injuries that happen on the property if there’s been a lag on escalator maintenance.
Not only that, but an annual inspection will reveal any small issues that may be impacting the escalator’s performance. Fixing these issues when they’re first discovered is considerably more affordable than waiting for the equipment to be in complete disrepair.

Lost Business

If someone gets hurt or dies on an escalator, it will result in bad publicity for the business. This can have an impact on sales as other customers avoid the business. A business may even have to close its doors as repairs are being made if the damage is extensive enough.