When your facility has gas and oil distribution lines, storage tanks or other related infrastructure, you will need to schedule regular NYC oil and gas inspection services for the tanks, pipes, pumps and site. When possible, it is important to be fully prepared for these inspections. Having everything on hand and ready for the inspector will help the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Every facility with potentially hazardous, flammable, corrosive or explosive materials must have material safety data sheets on hand. These sheets should be in an accessible place at all times. The inspector will want to see that you have all of the relevant sheets for all of the substances that are at your facility or on your property. You must have hard copies of the information.

Personnel Listing and Access Levels

Inspectors will also want to know who works at your facility and who has access to which places. This is part of both your security and homeland security. If a name on your personnel list matches a list on the homeland security list for restricted persons, you may be asked to provide additional details to the inspector or the federal agency that is tasked with further investigation of the situation. You might need to have the person’s employment application, social security card, photo, finger prints or driver’s license available for inspection.

Licensure and Certifications

You should also have all documents related to local, state and federal licensing available in case the inspector needs to see it. These documents may license your facility for different applications, such as storage of a particular quantity of oil or distribution rates of natural gas. Certifications for different materials and activities at your facility should also be made available upon request.