Three Times When an Urgent Elevator Inspection Is Needed

The NYC environmental, fire and building codes stipulate how often a routine elevator inspection is required in different types of buildings. Your building might also need an NYC elevator inspection if something out of the ordinary has happened. Consider these three situations in which an urgent inspection of the elevator or elevators in your building is key to maintaining safety.

Electrical Anomalies

Electrical systems work properly most of the time, but wear and tear, a lightning bolt strike or an overloading circuit could cause unusual behavior in the electronics that control the elevator. If your building has had a recent electrical anomaly, it is important to have the elevators inspected. Seemingly unrelated problems could have a big effect on the elevator’s safety.

Fire in the Building

Even a minor fire in a building could result in electrical or structural damage that affects an elevator. The heat or water damage from a fire in a building could also have safety effects. Any time there is a fire in a building that results in the fire alarms or sprinkler system being activated, the elevators should be professionally inspected for proper operations and safety.

Unusual Types or Numbers of Malfunctions

Every now and then, it is not unusual for an elevator to get stuck for a few minutes or not respond right away. If these problems are happening multiple times per day, every day, the elevator may have a malfunction. Unusual malfunctions such as the elevator dropping one or more floors, the doors only partially opening or the elevator not coming when called necessitate an immediate inspection. Other types of unusual problems that necessitate a same-day or next-day elevator inspection include the lights going off or the elevator not stopping on floors.