How to Safely and Responsibly Use an Escalator

Escalators are the ultimate replacement for stairs, which is why most people at malls and other public places will use them. Gliding up to the next level is a fun and relaxing experience but basic safety precautions should still be taken. Let’s go over some of the basics.

Use Common Sense

Basically, having a safe trip up the escalator requires common sense. You should not attempt to bring electric scooters, shopping carts, large bags, or any other items up the escalator to obstruct the mechanism. If you need to take a wheelchair or crutches up to the next level, many buildings will have elevators specifically for disabled people. You should also not try to go the opposite direction, even if it may seem like a fun idea.
Keep in mind that you can take quite a tumble that can lead to injuries similar to falling down the stairs. This is why you should always have a firm grip on the railing to avoid accidents. Keep re-positioning your hands if you end up behind or ahead of the rail.
It is also recommended to use close-toed shoes instead of sandals to protect your feet at the end of the circuit. Using footwear of durable materials is also recommended to avoid injuring your does or damaging the material with the belt.

Be Responsible With Children

If you are taking small children on the escalator, make sure that you are diligent in keeping a tight hold of them. Kids love to play on escalators and it can lead to serious injuries. While holding onto the rail, hold your child’s arm with the other hand to keep them from wandering.

Get That Escalator Inspected!

Escalators should be verified by an NYC escalator inspection service in order to remain functioning in the general public. These professional inspectors will verify that it satisfies the local legal compliance while being safe in general. Do not ride on a shady looking escalator until you know it has been properly inspected.